AT&T entices customers to buy more devices with $100 carrot

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AT&T(s t) is pulling out further stops in its effort to fend off T-Mobile’s(s tmus) aggressive marketing and retain existing customers. On Wednesday Ma Bell announced it would offer a $100 bill credit to any new or current customer that adds a tablet or modem to its plans before March 31.

While device activation fees still apply, the offer applies to every device added, so someone adding two smartphones and a tablet to a shared data plan would receive a $300 credit.

The offer is the latest promotion of many in a brewing war over customers between T-Mobile and the rest of the mobile industry – with AT&T as T-Mo’s prime target. AT&T has already agreed to pay up to $450 to switchers coming to its network, and to keep current customers happy it’s forgiving current customers contracts if they move onto one of its Next upgrade plans.

So far T-Mobile doesn’t appear to be having as big an impact on AT&T as it had hoped. In what is normally a blockbuster Q4, AT&T’s growth did slow compared to the previous year, but it still added 800,000 new connections and it didn’t see any big exodus of customers to other carriers.

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