7 Responses to “LA TV stations will share a single channel in hopes of creating new 4G spectrum”

  1. Chris G. Sellers

    Why not have everything be broadcast over OTA, there is enough bandwidth, give me HBO, Cinimax, TBS, TNT, HGTV, SYFY, etc. Give me internet too. Pay for content – sure,
    you can still do that OTA along with free. Then, you can have free trial channels like DishTV does to invite people to up-sale.

  2. It’s not about putting two channels in one…. DTT frequency of single channel can easily carry up to 8 SD channels, so it’s just about sharing a digital frequency multiplex, so that the other frequency can be freed up for alternate uses.

    Almost the whole world is moving to DTT, why is the US surprised and experimenting?

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    This is a fascinating example of the need to prioritise spectrum for mobile broadband over TV broadcasting is forcing change. If it succeeds the released 600MHz spectrum could prove very valuable for the stations – though it could potentially mean worse pictures if the broadcasters are forced to reduce bit-rates to fit two stations into one channel. It will be interesting to see how this pans out both technically and commercially.

    • I’m not sure what your point is; is it that anyone that is warehousing spectrum should be taxed (wireless carriers included) or are you trying to single out broadcasters?

    • Are you saying that any unused spectrum that is being warehoused or unused (wireless carriers included) should be taxed or are you singling out broadcasters with your tax proposal?