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Google Glass embraces prescription lenses and actual frames

Google(s goog) has unveiled a series of new frames for its wearable Glass device. The Titanium Collection frames cost $225 on top of the $1,500 initial price tag for Google Glass (that’s for “explorers”; Glass will go on more widespread sale this year), and mean people can use the device with prescription lenses – optical health insurance provider VSP will cut lenses for the system and has agreed to offer partial reimbursements to its customers. It also brings Glass closer to the non-geek fashion zone: there are 4 styles of frame, each of which comes in 8 color options, and Google will also offer $150 clip-on sunglasses. Third-party outfits such as Rochester Optical have already started showing off prescription lenses for Glass.

3 Responses to “Google Glass embraces prescription lenses and actual frames”

  1. Glass for the left eye, when will this occur?
    Sorry to seem as a PC nit picker, but not everyone has a functional (or healthy) right orbit. I will assume that a chiral unit is “in the works” because if its not, it would be ironic if Google Glass were to be “blindsided” by a complaint filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  2. Tim Acheson

    Google announces normal glasses. This is not newsworthy. It’s non-news piggy-backing on Google Glass hype just to build more hype.

    There are several real and important tech news stories today, as yet overlooked by this website.

    This was also reported and tweeted by Mashable and others simultaneously, all the usual Google hype merchants, presumably after a spoon-fed Google press release to embedded fanboy tech journalists.