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Like the iPad, HP Chromebook 14 laptops come with free T-Mobile 4G for life

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Apple’s(s aapl) iPad isn’t the only device that gets free 4G data from T-Mobile(s tmus). Look around carefully and you can find the HP Chromebook 14 and a few other HP devices with the same data deal. While you only get 200 MB of mobile broadband access each month, the service is free for as long as you own the device.

HP chromebook 14

I first saw word of this deal in a Google Group where some commenters pointed out Costco as a source for the HP(s hpq) Chromebook 14 with data for life. Chromebooks have come with 200 MB of free monthly data in the past but it has only been good for two years. I checked Costco’s site and verified the deal; for $379.99, the free connection on T-Mobile’s 4G network is good for as long as you have your Chromebook.

WalMart also sells the Chromebook 14 directly for $30 less — the specs appear to be the same — and it specifically points out the deal:

“Don’t worry about connecting, even when you go beyond Wi-Fi with free 4G. Enjoy 200MB of free data each month, no annual contract, for the life of your device. For offer details and information:”

I hit up the HP site mentioned and the limited time offer applies to not just the HP Chromebook 14 but also the company’s Slate 7, Slate 10, Envy 14 Touchsmart, Envy 14 Sleekbook and ElitePad. The HP product page for the Chromebook 14 also mentions the free data for life.

Again, 200 MB won’t go very far if you use it for a primary connection. But I’ve been able to check in on email, update a few social networks, pull down an e-book and browse a few websites each month on the free data I get from T-Mobile with my iPad(s aapl) Air. And it’s a smart move for T-Mobile: If the network delivers as promised, potential customers could quickly become actual subscribers for their data hungry devices.

16 Responses to “Like the iPad, HP Chromebook 14 laptops come with free T-Mobile 4G for life”

  1. Jonas Berwick

    I just bought this Laptop and the build quality for ANY price is competitive. I see the T-Mobile deal as a safety net and it is an amazing deal at $350. I have an Asus S7-11 and I actually prefer the keys on this Chromebook, although I wish they were backlit. The feel of the velvety plastic case is unique, and fingerprint free. It is a finish that I have never seen the like before and I LOVE IT. Five stars from me on this laptop; easily the best value of ANY machine I have ever purchased.

  2. i have the chromebook and yes you can only use 200 mb of data then they charge you an additional fee IF you want more data me personally i dont have a t-mobile phone im with sprint and i went ahead with the 40 dollar plan every month.. other then that i love it ! i dont have any problems.

  3. Pretty sure that most Slate7/Slate10 don’t get this. The fine print on the Slate7/10 activation guide says “*HP Slate7 & Slate10 T-Mobile SKUs only”. If you bought your Slate7 from HP a while back it won’t have this capability.

  4. Tom Rodman

    The Costco and Walmart variations of the HP 14 DO have different specs… The Costco machine has a larger SSD (32Gig vs 16Gig on the Walmart model). Thus, the $30 price difference.

  5. Gail Marsella

    Careful here. I noted some complaints online and looked into it further. Turns out the free lifetime 4G is only available IF YOU ALSO HAVE A PAID T-MOBILE PHONE PLAN. ATT or Sprint or something and you can’t use the free 4G without changing phone carriers. I was really interested in the Chromebook until I found that out – and I even have T-Mobile (which I actually like a lot) – the phone rep I called researched it and got back to me later, which was impressive, and confirmed this. Shame on Costco (who are usually much better than this) for not making that clear.

    Anyone who has different information or is working on 4G either without a T-Mobile plan or with some sort of free T-Mobile registration, I want to hear it – I’m hoping that rep was wrong, but it doesn’t look like it.

  6. Tobias Mann

    Last time I checked Tmobiles website HP products only get the service for 2 years.

    ”On certain HP devices, you get 200 MB of data every 30 days for 24 months (see list of HP devices below this table).”

  7. FREE 4 G FOR LIFE!!!

    Er… 200 mb each month, considering chromebooks need to be tethered to the net to be useful, these 200 mb will last few hours, then the rest will come with an “special” price.

    I have see similar “deals” at the local used car dealer.

    • Steven L.

      Yes, because it is a tablet. That’s not news because T-Mobile’s free data for life applies to all tablets (and officially only tablets). The fact that this Chromebook does get the free data for life is different.