Can Samsung conquer the market for wearables?


Samsung is moving aggressively to get a jump on the market of wearable gadgets, as GigaOm’s Alex Colon documented earlier today. Picking up on two reports coming out of the manufacturer’s home turf of Korea, Colon writes that the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch is likely to be released in March or April and will feature a completely new design including a flexible OLED screen. Samsung is also said to be developing a pair of smart glasses to compete with Google Glass, and may introduce the high-tech specs at the consumer electronics show IFA in September.

That news follows last week’s earnings report that showed Samsung suffered its first quarterly operating profit decline in two years due largely to slower growth of its smartphone business. But Samsung and Google announced a cross-licensing deal over the weekend that will enable the two companies to collaborate more closely as they develop wearable gadgets and other connected devices. Samsung’s reign as the preeminent manufacturer of Android handsets may be coming to an end, but it is well positioned to emerge as an early leader in the very promising market of wearables.

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