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Snowden accuses U.S. of industrial espionage

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The U.S. uses its digital surveillance capabilities to commit industrial espionage, Edward Snowden has claimed in an interview with German network NDR, broadcast on Sunday night. The NSA whistleblower suggested German industrial giant Siemens was a target, with information being taken by the intelligence agency even when it had nothing to do with national security. When the agency was previously shown to have spied on Brazil’s Petrobras, U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper insisted it never used that information to give U.S. firms an unfair advantage. Australia’s intelligence agency, an NSA partner, has reportedly spied on Japanese firms for the benefit of Australian companies, and France is generally seen as a world leader in that regard.

7 Responses to “Snowden accuses U.S. of industrial espionage”

  1. Gast Bezoeker

    That doesn’t surprise me in the least, although I thought China would be world leader in that regard. All tech they have is stolen. The French are indeed very protective of their own industry.

    • I think if you read between the lines, the larger story is that the NSA is not only conducting industrial espionage, but they are picking favorites in the USA.

      When the NSA spies on Airbus to steal confidential bid information and give it to Boeing, they’ve not only helped Boeing, but they’ve given Boeing an advantage over other American companies in the same industry.

      Given these revelations, is it really a stretch to think the NSA may have also been spying on Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman and giving over that info to Boeing as well? I think that is a reasonable conclusion to draw from this news.