HTC One KitKat update with US carriers, certification expected next week

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Good news, HTC One owners. HTC on Thursday announced via Twitter that an update to Android 4.4 KitKat for carrier-branded phones is expected to arrive next week.

The full tweet reads:

HTC announced it plans to push KitKat out to all HTC Ones on North American carriers by the end of January back in November, so it looks like the company might be able to stay true to its word. HTC already delivered an update to the Google Play edition of the phone in November.

HTC has been pretty transparent about the upgrade process for its One line of devices. It has a page where you can check the progress here. And last month the company released an interesting graphic explaining the update process. It doesn’t take the pain out of waiting months for an update, but it does help you understand why it takes so long.

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Great, hopefully this will fix the bizarre WiFi issues that came with 4.3

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