Apple celebrates 30th anniversary of Mac with video and redesigned homepage

Today, January 24th, marks the 30th anniversary of Apple’s (s aapl) introduction of the original Macintosh. The first of CEO Steve Jobs’ many crowd-pleasing live demos, which came just two days after a memorable 1984 ad that debuted during the Super Bowl, the flashy debut of the Macintosh set the standard for Apple in the years to come. Now, three decades later, the Cupertino company has devoted its homepage to the anniversary of the computer.

The main focal point of the homage is a three-minute video that shows Macs of all models, shapes, and sizes. There’s also a heavy emphasis on the Mac’s capabilities — both then and now — for computing as well as art, music, video, and design.

Check out the video below:

In addition to the video, there’s an interactive timeline, which traces the Mac’s product history while also telling the stories of designers, artists, and engineers who used them — including Photoshop inventor John Knoll and Myst creators Robyn and Rand Miller. Apple has also developed a poll for users called “Your First Mac,” which asks about the first Mac model a user purchased and what it was used for. 

Of course while it is a retrospective, Apple peppers in plenty of promises about an innovation-focused future. It’s set a high bar for itself and its computers in the last few decades, so let’s hope the company lives up to that promise.