Tablets on the rise: Microsoft Surface quarterly revenues more than double


Microsoft Surface revenues in its second fiscal quarter topped $893 million, the company said on Thursday. The figure is more than double the $400 million in Surface sales from the prior quarter and follow a $900 million inventory write-off of Surface devices in July, most of which were Surface RT units. The second edition of the devices — Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 — seem to have a stronger following, likely because of improved hardware, longer run-time on a single charge and more applications available in the touch-friendly version of Windows(s msft) 8.1.



The US media is all but paid off by everything Apple just try reading this Gigaom site and look at the masthead with the big Apple button front and center. Almost every single article this site writes is praising the virtues of All Things Apple and Google while discounting Windows and even more discounting anything Blackberry.

Why anyone would by an iOS or Android tablet device is beyond me. With a Windows 8.1 or tablet you can use all the software you already own with the benefit of the Windows Metro Apps which are mainly free. You are getting a full computer in your hand not some toy.

Why do I need propriety dongles to connect everything to iOS devices and where are the docking stations that allows you to have a full keyboard, mouse, monitor and regular ethernet connection like you can do with the Surface 2 and many other Windows tablets.


I visited an engineering office today and saw a flock of Surface Pros in use. Not an iPad or Mac in sight.

Curtis Quick

Word-of-mouth made the Surface work. Media and blogs dissed it mercilessly for no good reason and that scared almost all buyers away a year ago. Since then a quiet roar has emerged from Surface user community about how wonderfully useful a device it is. People have purchased the Surface 2 because someone told them how useful it was, or perhaps showed them. It is very nearly all that a user might need. And announcements this year detailing significant software coming to the Surface will energize this ecosystem still further.

William Jacobs

Its really not significant revenue. RT is not selling other than at firesale.
If its all Surface Pro 2 then it represents less than one million units.


Proof that if first you don’t succeed, try, try again. I have a Surface Pro 2 128GB and it runs circles around everything else. It has replaced a MacBook Pro and an iPad… So I only carry one device, not two!

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