SkySQL bundles MariaDB and Galera Cluster for enterprises who want to move past MySQL

Helsinki-based database management firm SkySQL incorporates a bunch of the old MySQL crowd and wants to hammer Oracle(s orcl) hard with the MySQL fork MariaDB. When the company picked up $20 million in an Intel(s intc)-led funding round last October, it said the cash would help drive it into the enterprise. Now we can see the first result of that push.

On Thursday, SkySQL took the wraps off MariaDB Enterprise, a bundle that’s supposed to make it easy for business customers to deploy and manage the MariaDB open source database with high-availability clustering. The idea is to provide a drop-in replacement for MySQL, capitalizing on the fact that many, particularly in the open source community, are unhappy with Oracle’s stewardship of MySQL.

The bundle includes MariaDB Server and Galera Cluster — SkySQL promises users will be able to provision a cluster of separate database services “in minutes” – along with a management dashboard. It’s all available as a renewable one-year subscription, with maintenance and support providing the paid-for element on top of the free stuff, and can be installed on-premise, in the cloud or in virtualized environments.

“We see there’s been a lot of interest in high availability,” SkySQL CEO Patrik Sallner told me, referring to businesses who want to run web apps using their data, and noting that this has been hard to achieve with MySQL (a reason for third-party plugins like Galera).

Sallner added that the release was a “first step in a roadmap” and SkySQL would now develop the package further, with a particular focus on scaling. “I want to highlight this is not a different database, not a closed source version,” he stressed. “It’s one and the same. We’re just packaging it with the tools and support that enterprise users are after.”