Moving your iPhone contacts to a Motorola smartphone just got easier

Motorola’s(s goog) Migrate app for Android has a new feature to help iPhone(s aapl) switchers. Announced on Tuesday night, the software now lets you sign in to your iCloud account and the app will import the contacts and calendar events stored on Apple’s servers. The software works with the Moto X, Moto G and latest Droid phones from Verizon(s vz)(s vod).

moto migrate icloud

The updated Migrate software, available in the Google Play Store, is a follow up to Motorola’s October effort to help switchers. Then, the company added a similar iCloud to Google account import through the web: When using the Moto Maker site to order a Motorola handset, users could enter their iCloud account information and have their contacts and calendar events added to a Google account.

Essentially, the new software tool does the same thing as the previously available web tool. The only difference is where the import action is taken: Online or locally on the phone.

moto migrate iphone contacts

Although I use both an iPhone 5s and a Moto X, I like the approach Motorola is taking here. While those who love their iPhone and iOS are unlikely to switch, I think the new Motorola phones are among the most appealing Android devices for those who would consider making the change. The Moto X, for example, is similar in size to an iPhone 5s but offers a larger 4.7-inch display; something that some iPhone users would like to see on Apple’s next handset.