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Chrome Show: Fly with Chrome Canary, get Google Now for free

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This past week saw Google(s goog) Now finally land on the desktop version of Chrome. You’ll need to run the experimental, and often updated, Chrome Canary version of the browser to get Google Now, but you can run Canary and regular Chrome on the same device. Amazon is ready to send out the Toshiba Chromebook 13 once it has stock, so you can pre-order now. And now we know why the Desktop mode of Chrome is nowhere to be seen where it once was.

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Hosts: Kevin Tofel and Chris Albrecht

Google cracks down on extensions that insert ads

Toshiba Chromebook 13 is up for pre-order at Amazon(s amzn) for $279

Curious what Chrome is synching? Type chrome://sync to get a super detailed look

The case of the missing Windows 8 desktop mode for Chrome is cracked

Not a huge surprise, but Google is working on a Chromoting tool for iOS(s aapl)

Saving URL shortcuts to the launcher or taskbar in Chrome OS is is the works

Google Now on the desktop is da bomb

Extension of the week: Editey (Thanks Frank Camuglia!)