Verizon’s over-the-top irony


How’s this for irony? Just one week after Verizon’s legal challenge to the FCC’s net neutrality rules led a federal appeals court to strike down most of the rules, the telco announced it will acquire Intel Media and its OnCue over-the-top TV service. According to a press statement from the companies, Verizon will use OnCue both to add new features and functionality to its FiOS TV platform and to expand FiOS TV beyond Verizon’s own fiber-optic footprint by going over-the-top.

That will mean riding on someone else’s pipes — just the sort of arrangement where net neutrality rules would come in handy, had they not been vacated at Verizon’s request.

It will be interesting to watch how cable  ISPs react to Verizon trying to come into their footprint with a competing service.



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