Verizon tweaks Edge so you can upgrade your phone after a month (but it will cost you)


Credit: Verizon

If you’re a particularly hyperactive phone upgrader – and have a lot of cash to throw around – Verizon Wireless(s vz)(s vod) has made some adjustments to its Edge upgrade program that might interest you. Instead of being eligible for your first trade-in at six months, Verizon has shortened the waiting period to just 30 days.

The catch is Edge’s policy that you pay off half the cost of the original device before you upgrade is still in place. So if you’re an Edge customer that’s gotten tired of your new iPhone 5s(s aapl) after only four-and-half weeks, you can upgrade to a Moto X(s goog). You’ll just need to make $325 in payments toward that iPhone before you make the trade. Cnet first pointed out the policy change, which is already in effect on Verizon’s website.

I see how people might take advantage of this new policy in a few instances. For instance, a big case of buyer’s remorse or if you happen to buy the latest version of a device maker’s smartphone only to see the next generation in the series released a month later. But most people aren’t going to pay half the cost of a new unsubsidized smartphone every 30 days, which is what would be possible if Verizon took this policy to its logical extent.

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