Verizon intros new $20 / 250MB shared data plan add-on

VZ Share

Verizon on Monday announced a new, cheaper addition to its “Share Everything” data plan options. The plan, which goes live for a limited time starting Tuesday, gives users 250MB of data for $20 per month, which is half the price of its $40 / 500MB plan.

Verizon’s Share Everything plans start at $30 per month for each basic phone and $40 for each smartphone on the plan. That gets you unlimited voice calls and text messages, with the data split amongst all the users on the plan. This means that, with a smartphone, this new plan would cost you a total of $60 per month.

This strikes me as a reaction to T-Mobile, which has been making headlines recently for a number of reasons. It reads well: “Share Everything data plans starting as low as $20 per month!”. For that amount of data, though, this new plan really only makes sense for feature phone users. I tend to use over 1GB of data per month, and most of the time I’m connected to Wi-Fi. 250MB is low enough to chew through just by doing a lot of social networking. And you certainly wouldn’t want to share that amount of data with anyone else.

Compared to T-Mobile, however, you’re still not getting much for your money. The same $60 on T-Mobile will get you unlimited talk and text, along with 2.5GB of data. That should be plenty for most users, though an extra $10 will get you unlimited data.


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