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Beats Music app goes live in the iTunes app store

Updated. The iPhone app for Beats Music, the much-anticipated music subscription service that is spearheaded by Jimmy Iovine, went live in Apple’s iTunes app store  ahead of its official launch Tuesday morning. Beats will also be available on Android, but the app can’t be found on Google Play yet — and we just got words from Beats that the version on the app store (1.0.0) isn’t actually the final launch version, so installing may not get you very far. Beats has a big focus on mobile; new users that want to take advantage of the services 7-day free trial need to go through an onboarding process that is only available through its mobile apps. A sign-up page with links to the apps is also already available online. This post was updated at 9:12pm with more information on the iOS app.

3 Responses to “Beats Music app goes live in the iTunes app store”

  1. I was not expecting much from the Beats app and was pleasantly surprised but the experience. Whereas I’d been a Pandora subscriber and enjoyed it for a year I ended up feeling that I’d listened to all my stations too much and was hearing the same songs over and over again. Then I switched to Spotify which was great cuz I could listen to whole albums, but I often find that the mobile experience doesn’t give me enough of an avenue for browsing, so I’m often stuck wondering what to listen to.

    Beats has a great mix of powerful browsing functions mixed with the deep ability to either stumble upon or search for an album and then decide to listen to the whole thing. Not sure how deep the catalogue is in comparison to Spotify, but after a few days it feels like the best of both!

  2. Music Lover

    Something else that I noticed in the email that I received about transitioning from MOG to Beats: they ARE going to get rid of MOG after all (in April, IIRC). That means that I will be moving over to Spotify and Rdio now that they both offer unlimited plays of whatever track you want, for free. That’s all I ever used MOG for, and not willing to pay $10/month for it. Thanks for bringing to my attention a few days ago that Spotify and Rdio both offer that for free now. Goodbye, MOG, it was nice to know you. Beat it, beats.