So who decides how much memory is in a Chromebook?

Toshiba Chromebook

The glut of Chromebooks with 2 GB of memory is a curious thing. Chrome OS may not run any faster with 4 GB of RAM, but it sure can handle more browser tabs, making power users happy. There are still a few Chromebooks with the higher amount of memory though: Dell has it as an option, the $349 HP Chromebook 14 includes it and Acer has long had a 4 GB version of the C720 although it’s difficult to find these days.

It’s not Google dictating the memory capacity; something I thought was a possibility. It’s the companies that make the hardware as we found out this week on the Chrome Show. Tune in below or download the podcast here to listen to what I found out. We also share a new Chrome app that’s handy when diagnosing connectivity issues, discuss what’s inside the newest stable version of Chrome and talk about the LG Chromebase after some brief hands on time.
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