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WSJ: Dropbox has raised about $250M and is worth $10B

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Dropbox has raised “about $250 million” at a valuation “close to $10 billion.” Given the crazy valuations of other startups, such as Snapchat, such a high number for Dropbox isn’t too surprising. It has hundreds millions of users and has the personnel in place to start adding value beyond just syncing and storing data. Of course, it was just down for a couple days, which is something that can’t happen too frequently if you’re also planning a move into the lucrative business-user market, which Dropbox is.

3 Responses to “WSJ: Dropbox has raised about $250M and is worth $10B”

  1. A Software Professional

    Unless dropbox does some that google drive doesn’t and I am in real need for such feature why would I pay to them when I get 15GB free from Google Drive.

  2. What I still can’t wrap my head around is the need for this — after there 257 million round only what, two months ago? This is ludicrous. After 7 years and with being so popular, I would hope they are profitable enough to stand on there own two feet. Though this does put make the Box/Dropbox race less of a nailbiter. I’ll be interested to see what they will come up with in retaliation.