Google Drive adds activity stream


Google added a new activity stream feature for the Drive cloud storage piece.  Now, by clicking on a specific file or folder, users will be able to see a list of actions related to it, according to Google.

While Google stole this feature from the social media world, it will be handy to see who’s been at my files.  Moreover, this feature will be very helpful in looking for an audit trail around changes made to any number of documents.

Google Drive is growing in popularity as Google apps pick up steam, and as more small business use Drive for collaboration on all sorts of files.  When in a team environment, Drive is the path of least resistance.  Thus, many have found it more compelling than the traditional Microsoft Office Tools.

Of course, Microsoft is pushing Office 365 which uses a Google Drive like Sky Drive.  It will be interesting to see how both companies compete in the near future, as more businesses turn to SaaS-delivered productivity applications.







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