Twitch 2013: viewers watched 12 Billion minutes of game video per month


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It’s no secret that live broadcasting games is rapidly becoming a trendy way to interact with your gaming vehicle of choice, but this year was a big one for Twitch, according to a year-in-review flipbook released today.

According to statistics compiled by the company, Twitch saw more than 45 million unique visitors per month in 2013, compared to just 3.3 million when it launched in 2011. The platform has more than 900,000 broadcasters of gaming content, along with 5,100 partners (these include eSports companies as well as developers). Users watched 12 billion minutes on Twitch per month — averaging out to roughly 106 minutes per user per month. Perhaps most interesting: more than half of Twitch’s user base (both creators and viewers) spend more than 20 hours per week on the platform.

In the past, the bulk of streaming growth came from the rise of eSports — online games like League of Legends that hold their own sponsored tournaments and sell out arenas such as LA’s Staples Center. But this year, growth could be attributed to average gamers that have sought out Twitch functionality in their next-gen consoles. Even though the PlayStation 4(s sne) is the only console with Twitch capability up and running, owners of the console have shot up from representing 10 percent of the broadcaster base in December to 20 percent by January.

Twitch has carefully positioned itself to ride a massive game video trend in 2014. Although there have been many bumps in the road for Microsoft(s msft) in implementing Twitch for the Xbox One, it’s likely that once it gets off the ground, there will be just as big of a boom as what was seen on the PlayStation. In addition, eSports will also get bigger as more games get popular, meaning that there will be an abundance and variety of content that will continue to diversify. Game videos and live streaming have developed a massive, engaged following, which means big benefits for Twitch in the long run.



I watch Twitch a lot. Their biggest live streamed events are the LoL tournaments, they hit almost 400,000 live viewers for one of their tournaments. That’s getting into the realm of mainstream sports.

Lauren Hockenson

I agree. I think that’s why Twitch is only going to get bigger — you have everything from personal streams, to group play-throughs, to really well-produced, professional eSports events.

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