Looks like Samsung is planning a 5-inch Windows Phone for Verizon or Sprint

After successfully focusing on Android(s goog) smartphones, Samsung appears to be looking again at Windows Phone(s msft). First reported in December by Phone Arena, more details about a 5-inch handset running Microsoft’s software appeared on Wednesday. The device will likely have a 5-inch 1080p display based on phone profile data found on Samsung’s website.

Samsung Ativ S, Windows Phone 8

The data was found in a User Agent Profile (UAProf) for the handset; these profiles are submitted to the OMA or Open Mobile Alliance to ensure proper compatibility with mobile standards. The phone, dubbed SM-W750V for now, was also approved by the Bluetooth SIG, so there’s little doubt that such a device exists.

What can we tell from the UAProf? Not much more than the screen size and resolution. I did notice one other interesting data point, however. In the section that deals with the phone’s network characteristics, I only see mentions of technology specific to Verizon(s vz)(s vod) and Sprint(s s).

samsung windows phone 750

If this particular phone were headed to AT&T(s t) or T-Mobile (s tmus), I’d expect to see HSPA mentioned, for example. That doesn’t mean Samsung will exclusively offer this handset in the U.S. to either Verizon or Sprint, however. There could be a similar model for GSM networks. It does strongly suggest that at the very least, one or both of the two CDMA operators will offer this Windows Phone.

I’d place my bets on Verizon for this phone, based mainly on the carrier’s subscriber count, which is more than two times that of Sprint. Samsung won’t likely want to divert resources away from Android unless it expects to reap decent rewards. And the best bet for that in the U.S. is through Verizon.