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Chrome Show: Got 2 GB of memory in your Chromebook? Don’t blame Google

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Last week’s podcast centered discussion on why most Chromebooks(s goog) come with just 2 GB of memory. This week, we get the official answer: Because that’s what the hardware makers are choosing to use. That means if enough people cry out for 4 GB of memory, some Chromebook manufacturers could change their approach.

We also share some hands on thoughts of the LG Chromebook on this week’s podcast and share a new Chrome app that can help you diagnose connectivity issues.

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Hosts: Kevin Tofel and Chris Albrecht

Today’s episode is brought to you by Freshbooks.

Hands on with the LG Chromebase

2 GB on your Chromebook? Don’t blame Google.

Chrome stable 32 launches: What’s inside?

HP(s hpq) Chromebook 11 with LTE is available for $379

Some perspective on Google Chromebook sales data

Screenshots without using a keyboard? It’s in the works, notes Craig Tumblison

Extension of the week: Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics

7 Responses to “Chrome Show: Got 2 GB of memory in your Chromebook? Don’t blame Google”

  1. joemarini

    Can you guys set the Show Notes links to open in new tabs by default? I’d like to be able to listen to the show and open the links at the same time, but sometimes I forget to hold down Ctrl and the link loads in the current tab, which of course stops the podcast.

  2. I still don’t understand why at least some of them are not experimenting with a mid-range (between the current lot and Pixel) Chromebook with good hardware specs. My guess is that a lot of people are still not convinced that Chrome OS is more than just a browser. As long as they keep peddling substandard hardware on the Chromebooks, they will remain a niche product.

      • …in market research?

        Simple test: give a person a fairly quick PC or Mac. Then ask that person to downgrade speed, irrespective of cost, and multi-tasking ability. Say that person owns a modern phone, which is much faster, though perhaps not multi-taskable. Now, why wouldn’t that be frustrating?

        Google may have said that, but remarkably the number of chromebooks with windows keyboards dropped precipitously and became clones of each other: 2g ram, tn screen, 16g memory.

        I do blame Google for their own 2g choice though, he said through clenched teeth for the umpteenth time.