Introducing Structure Connect, the evolution of Gigaom’s mobile conference


This year will be our seventh year putting on a conference about mobile computing, but as we discovered this past year, the pulse of our industry has shifted from mobility to ubiquity in computing. Along those lines, we’re excited to announce that we’re changing our Mobilize conference to Structure Connect, which will take place this October in San Francisco. The new name will combine our existing Structure brand with the concepts that we’re showcasing at the event, namely the fact that everything is becoming connected; not just mobile phones but cars, homes, and even hospitals and manufacturing floors.

Back in 2008, we at Gigaom were thrilled with the opportunities emerging as more people started carrying the web in their pockets. The iPhone and other smartphones running the Android operating system were hitting the mainstream, and developers were finding new business in the mobile app stores. But smartphones were just the beginning.

Gigaom Structure Connect logo large

We now have the ability to connect everything from tiny sensors to the entire car, which means we have an unprecedented opportunity to gather data and promote efficiency in industries that barely know the word. It’s as large a disruption to business models and our way of life as the introduction of broadband internet was in the 1990s.

When we connect everything (or a large number of things) we’re able to send information back to the cloud and then run algorithms that can tell us when a part is about to fail inside an engine or how well Grandma is doing at home by herself. Retailers can tie online page views to what happens in their physical stores and utilities might be better able to manage the electric grid. And search engines like Google can find the next wave of consumer computing inside the home, for better or worse.

This connectivity enables a continual flow of data from the devices to the cloud (something we’ll talk about at Structure Data in March) and across hundreds or thousands of services, linked by APIs and a variety of data stores. And since we at Gigaom not only want to cover the devices themselves, but the underlying infrastructure that makes everything work, Structure Connect will have conversations about the wireless network, breakthroughs in energy harvesting chips and new databases perfect for real-time processing of data. APIs are a central link in this connected future, so we’ll talk about them and the business models around all this data.

Like all of our Structure events, you’ll walk away understanding not only the top layer of how a business can take advantage of the connected world, but also understand how the layers supporting your business work. Thus, when shifts occur in the cloud, or trends emerge in new databases, you’ll be ready, having seen it first at Structure Connect in October.

We hope you’ll join us.

(Featured photo courtesy of Shutterstock user A-R-T.)


J Schwan

Love the expanded reach of the conference, Stacey. I agree, that mobile is about computing in context of your environment and the device is somewhat agnostic. I’d love to see content/talks not just on mobile and IoT but also on natural user interfaces and 3D-printing/sensor enabled physical product prototyping. Looking forward to the conference.

Stacey Higginbotham

Thanks, it’s going to be AWESOME. We’re going to include some UI stuff because that’s going to be huge this year, but we will also have that plus some of the hardware bits in our design-focused Roadmap conference too.

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