Meet TEO, the Bluetooth padlock you open with your phone

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Admittedly, padlocks aren’t the sexiest products in the world. They’re still handy, however, and the TEO looks even handier. This Kickstarter project is currently in the funding stage and it promises to make it easy for you — or anyone you choose — to unlock from a phone by using a Bluetooth connection.


The nice part about TEO is that the virtual, or wireless, key to open it can be shared or sent to a contact from your phone. That means if a friend needs access to the lawnmower in your locked shed, for example, you could simply provide a temporary key from your phone to theirs.

Of course, any connected lock isn’t worth a darn if it loses power. TEO uses Bluetooth Low Energy so it’s not constantly running down the internal battery. The folks behind TEO are targeting at least a one-year run-time for the smart lock and have designed a visual power meter so you’re not totally caught unaware of a complete power loss. To that end, a fob that can “jump start” the TEO with enough power to open is in the works.

The early-bird specials are claimed so if you want to back the project and get a TEO now, it will cost you $79 CAD ($72.69 US). And you won’t see the padlock for quite a while: The estimated delivery is set for December 2014. With 53 days to go at time of writing, TEO is already at a quarter of its $165,000 funding goal. I suspect it will surpass that long before the funding window closes. For now, you’ll need an iOS(s aapl) device to use TEO although the project team is looking to add Android(s goog) support.

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Mehrdad Majzoobi

Check out BitLock if you need a strong Bluetooth enabled U-Lock instead of a padlock, specially if want to secure your bicycle (

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