Why Chromebooks were hard to find at CES


I was hoping to see more Chrome OS(s goog) devices at the Consumer Electronics Show this past week. All I could find were the new 13-inch Toshiba Chromebook and LG’s Chromebase. On this week’s Chrome Show podcast, I shared some first impressions of the Toshiba Chromeboo before scouting out the Chromebase after recording the episode.

The fact is: CES is a showcase for many future products; some of which are just to show off new technologies and advances. And Google typically isn’t an exhibitor at this big event. Instead, especially in the case of Chrome devices, it holds its own events or with hardware partners.

Tune in to the show to hear more by downloading it directly or listening below. We also chat about the hard to find 4 GB Chromebook models and discuss if they should be more readily available.



Kevin, I’ve always appreciated your chromebook reviews and commentary. I would like to say that, yes, a 32gb HD + 4gb RAM Intel Haswell processor would be just about right.


One doubts if there is still a biz-case for chromebooks. Google is clearly *not* pushing chromebooks. Cost advantages (if any) of a chromebook vs tablets or cheaper laptops are not spectacular.


I would tend to disagree with Googles marketing strategy. They appear to market to techies that already “get” their products. Other than a few TV commercials for Chrome, they do not market to the mainstream consumer. Google does a great job with their services but they really need someone on their team that understands how to market to the mainstream.

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