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CES? More like CE-less to get excited about

The fact that its NFC-enabled badges were the highlight of the show for Kevin Tofel speaks volumes about the state of CES. There was a bunch of cool stuff to be seen (4K TVs! Connected everythings! T-Mobile (s TMUS) CEO John Legere getting tossed out of an AT&T (s T) party!), but companies are now more adept at creating their own big news events.

Despite all that, we pulled in Kevin, Janko Roettgers as well as Kevin Fitchard to talk about the cool stuff that did debut in Vegas, and we all wondered what the heck Yahoo (s YHOO) was doing at an electronics show.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guests: Kevin Tofel, Janko Roettgers, Kevin Fitchard

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One Response to “CES? More like CE-less to get excited about”

  1. CES is worth going to every couple of years. Every year is just tedious and you run into scenarios like

    TV Vendor “Hey man it’s all about OLED and UHD”

    You “Didn’t you tell me 3D was going to take over a couple of CES ago?”

    I mean really. ROKU HDTV, wearables (including ugly watches i’d never wear) and the pipe-dream that “Internet of Things” is going to be mainstream this year? LOL. Wake me up with most of the SmartLock vendors are actually shipping their product.