Video: A first look at the Roku TV

Roku on your TV, without the box: The Roku TV offers access to the familiar channel store.

Roku announced its first TV sets at CES in Las Vegas this week, and I spotted one of the models at Hisense’s booth. Take a look at a really quick demo I got from a Roku employee:


As you may notice, the UI is very similar to the existing Roku boxes, with the exception of added channel tiles for any of the TV’s input devices. If you connect a cable box or an over-the-air antenna to your Roku TV, it essentially becomes a tile on Roku’s home screen. The ability to shut down the TV and then resume where you left off is interesting, but I was told that this only works for any input devices, meaning you can resume live TV but not Netflix this way.

Roku announced that it was going to produce a total of six Roku TV models in cooperation with Hisense and TCL. Roku TVs from both manufacturers have virtually the same UI, except for a different color scheme and slightly different icons for input devices.


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