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Handicapping the clouds: Amazon will continue to crush it (and IT rivals)

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Jason Hoffman, former CTO of Joyent and now Ericcson’s(s adr) director of digital strategy talks connected cars, worries about whether space-age “smart pajamas” can electrocute us, and says Amazon(s amzn) Web Services will continue to “crush” all the current IT players but could face a challenge from Google if the search giant does a few things right. Oh, and Microsoft will be number 3 while OpenStack will remain “an interesting backwater.” (He’s quoting someone else there.)

But first, Derrick Harris and I discuss IBM’s(s ibm) big, new Watson push — guess what — it’s investing 1 BILLION dollars in a new division — as well as crm) CEO Marc Benioff’s stance on OpenStack and a bunch of other stuff.

Jason Hoffman
Jason Hoffman

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Hosts: Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris

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One Response to “Handicapping the clouds: Amazon will continue to crush it (and IT rivals)”

  1. alexhobbs

    Amazon is great when you don’t need support and high performance read/write/ compute etc is not important, but if you want to optimise your data storage, then usign the same as everyone else is not the way. Some of our clients use for their IaaS / PaaS as their tech (SSD) is award winning and cutting edge. Amazon may be right for most, but for those who want the best, it is not that