Big data isn’t just pretty pictures at Structure Data 2014


As the internet of things takes off, companies like Ford, MetLife and McLaren are using big data to transform the way consumers interact with their products and the way products interact with consumers. Our Structure Data speakers show how big data permeates a wide array of businesses.

Big data is a lot more than great graphics.

In his first post about the conference, Derrick Harris writes about how big data isn’t just another pretty interface. He points out that data is “about making dumb products smarter, ugly products prettier and taking advantage of major advances in computing.” So while graphics are great, you need to go beyond the pretty pictures and understand what you are looking at and how the analysis can help you make better products, provide better customer service, and become more innovative at your company’s core values.

We are getting adept at mining our “forgotten” data to make better decisions. Take PKO, Poland’s largest bank, which wanted to roll out a new e-payment app for its smartphone users and needed to identify those customers who were internet-savvy, had the appropriate smartphones, and were also comfortable with downloading apps. It used a combination of tools to comb its data warehouse and target the first 37,000 customers that fit that profile.

Join us at Structure Data at New York City’s fabulous Chelsea Piers as we examine various data strategies and insights. Register here by Jan. 17 and use code INSIDER for $200 off.

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