Google+ may get Chromecast support soon


Google (S GOOG) may be getting ready to add Chromecast support to its Google+ mobile apps: A resourceful Google+ user has found Chromecast icons in the latest version of the Google+ Android app, suggesting that the app could soon be used to cast photos and videos to a Chromecast-equipped TV screen. A Google spokesperson told me that the company didn’t have anything to announce with regards to additional apps for Chromecast, but it would make a lot of sense for Google to prioritize the Google+ mobile apps. The company has been putting a lot of effort into photos on Google+, including its auto-awesome features, and displaying those photos on the TV screen seems like the logical next step.



Hey Janko,

This is unrelated to this post, but I wanted your opinion. I think the news from CES has been absolutely fantastic for the future of cord cutters. Two reasons: 4K and the WWE.

While some people call 4K a gimmick, it really isn’t comparable to 3D. Unlike 3D, it makes the content you watch already look better. It requires no action on the part of the viewer to get the benefits. Two years from now I doubt people will be able to buy a TV over $500 that isn’t 4K. So whether people want it or not, they are going to get it eventually.

Streaming is the only vehicle that really makes sense for 4K. It will be built into TVs or available with a cheap STB. The future of the antenna is pretty much written and broadcasters will not be willing to go through the time and expense of upgrading. Why would a cable company build all new crappy boxes for 4K when they can simply flip a switch on TV Everywhere apps to get 4K content to people? But the first place consumers will get 4K is through streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and On Demand providers. HEVC is also an important piece of this equation.

The second part of this is the WWE. I have no interest in watching the WWE, but what they are launching is clearly the future. Live access plus streaming of all past fights and shows. I would be extremely surprised if they didn’t announce later this year, or at CES next year, that all future content will be shot and streamed in 4K as well. This is because it is easy (compared to a traditional cable channel) to do this and sounds good in a commercial. And when the WWE finds success, other channels will undoubtedly take the plunge and offer a similar service completely outside of cable.

Anyway, my two cents.


Pauline purdum

I hope so and soon. Especially since I am using Google+ more and more. The chromecast capability would be totally awesome.

Nicholas Nezis

Great news! I’ve been waiting for this feature. Would love to show off photos to family this way.

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