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A quarter of British and Canadian businesses want their data taken out of U.S., according to Peer1

The NSA’s shenanigans are having a very real effect on businesses’ data storage decisions, according to Canadian cloud and hosting provider Peer1.

The company surveyed 300 businesses in the UK and Canada and discovered that 25 percent intended to move their company data out of the United States over NSA fears. U.S. laws compel any company located there to give intelligence agencies access to customer data if they ask for it.

The survey also found that 4 in 5 businesses see privacy laws as the primary factor when considering where to put their data. Almost 70 percent said they would sacrifice some latency in order to ensure data sovereignty, but most respondents admitted they didn’t know enough about data protection laws.

Peer1 itself has infrastructure in the U.S., Canada and Britain, which may explain the focus of the survey.

These results fit in with rather vague reports late last year of British and Canadian companies demanding that prospective cloud suppliers promise in writing that none of their data would be stored in the U.S.

That said, the security benefits of moving data out of the U.S. are up for debate – the UK and Canada are both part of the U.S.-led “Five Eyes” espionage pact, whose members almost certainly spy on one another’s citizens in order to bypass local privacy laws.

5 Responses to “A quarter of British and Canadian businesses want their data taken out of U.S., according to Peer1”

  1. Alex Hobbs

    Given the far tighter rules on privacy in EU, and the law changes that are being introduced here, any company doing business in Europe should be hosting that info in Europe, as hosting in US looks to be a costly admin burden and is unlikely to ever be perceived as being as private and secure. We have a private cloud from that was recommended by , as RTW Hosting are the top rated cloud services provider in the UK, despite not being the biggest, hope this saves others the massive amount of time shopping around!

    • HempShareâ„¢


      And if Microsoft did a deal, so did Dell, IBM, HP etc etc Intel, AMD etc etc etc.

      If someone is going to ruin our water supply by polluting our streams and rivers…why don’t we just dump all this electronic stuff in the retaining pond…and do it ourselves.

      It is about time to admit we are nothing more than farmed human labor. Should we care to leave a mark and rise above? It will certainly take nutrition and critical thought.

      One must only reflect upon the fact “modern” / “advanced” Society has nothing more than Celebrities, Sports Stars and ‘Titans’ of Business to look up to. There are NO MASTERS of the past few centuries. That is disheartening from my fellow man…