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Sony announces internet TV service, plans to start testing it later this year

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Not discouraged by Intel’s (S INTC) failure to launch its OnCue TV service, Sony (S SNE) just announced at CES that it wants to become a pay TV provider of is own and offer customers in the U.S. a cloud-based TV service with live TV and cloud DVR functionality.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House officially announced the service on stage during Sony’s CES keynote in Las Vegas Tuesday, saying that the company intends to start testing the service in the U.S. later this year. House said that the service will stream live and recorded programming to TVs, game consoles and mobile devices without the need for any additional set-top boxes, and that subscribers will be able to search across live and on-demand content.

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Sony is uniquely qualified to launch such a service, Hall said, because it already has more than 70 million internet-enabled devices in the market, and he added that the PS3 is already the most popular device to stream Netflix content.

Hall didn’t provide additional details on the launch date or pricing, but said that more information would be revealed soon. Sony President and CEO Kaz Hirai added that the TV service is part of a plan to become “a single source of entertainment.”

Reports that Sony was looking to launch its own pay TV service first surfaced last year, and the company reportedly even inked a deal with Viacom in August. However, this is the first time Sony has actually confirmed these plans.

Intel had announced its own plans to launch an online TV service called OnCue early last year, originally with the goal to have it up and running by the end of 2013. However, the company has since abandoned these plans and is now looking to sell parts or all of OnCue to Verizon.

5 Responses to “Sony announces internet TV service, plans to start testing it later this year”

  1. Years ago we thought standard broadcast TV would soon be replaced by the internet – surely that day draws ever closer – I see a time we all use the cloud / internet, perhaps through the same big screen in our lounge to watch on demand anything that’s ever been made – no need for live broadcasts, more satellites or terrestrial services.
    People would just pay for each item watched. The futures coming.

  2. higgdann

    I always wonder why there has not been a service like this. I only watch 5 to 6 channels and willing to pay 20 dollars a month. Maybe like 2 dollars or 3 dollars a channel. That way royalties can still be paid and service and profit is made. 100 a month is bs to pay every month for tv. Have to switch every 12 months to get the 50 dollar deal that is still way to high for channels I don’t watch. This would cute my cable tv and just keep my internet which will always have anyway for VOIP and other online communication. Cloud base tv is the future anyway, look at Hulu, youtube, justv, and ect…_

  3. poof! probably why MS hired Tellem =) this is fun to watch. should be easily integrated into all of Sony’s home control systems too, 3d printer replicators. almost living a star trek world on planet earth ….. except all that war we have here still.

    • agilesavvy

      Hmmm…I guess you missed the episodes involving wars and battles with the Borg, Romulans, Klingons, and others almost too numerous to count. Live long and prosper. Or in Klingon: tIqjaj yInlIj ‘ej bIchepjaj. (Geez, did I really say that? It was kind of fun even if it was Geeky.)

      In my world the more entrants into the media marketplace the cheaper the services should become so come one come all!