Oracle to buy Corente to bolster SDN


Oracle said it is buying Corente, a specialist in software-defined networking in the WAN arena.

According to its website, Corente, of Bernardsville, NJ, also provides a Cloud Service Exchange which it says enables “service providers or businesses acting as their own service providers to deliver applications and network services between public and private cloud data centers or any location over any IP network.”

Terms were not disclosed, but Oracle has been buying companies across the technology spectrum, including Xsigo to beef up its network virtualization expertise two years ago.

Oracle is trying to pitch its Exa-boxes as cloud-in-a-box infrastructure that provides storage, networking and compute to power cloud services. Given Oracle’s traditional customers — big financial services companies, government agencies, drug and healthcare companies — the ability to foster the operation of a secure and federated network of clouds would be a big advantage. The Corente buy also signals some awareness that these big customers will be running non-Oracle resources.


Antoine Hepburn

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Keith Townsend

What exactly is Oracle doing with these assets? I haven’t heard anything about Xsigo since Oracle’s purchase, and I’m not familiar at all with Corente. Not a slight against Corente, but Oracle seems to struggle with doing anything outside of enterprise software.

Barb Darrow

i was actually wondering the same thing Keith — i’ve heard zip from xsigo since theywere bought. LMK what you hear.

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