Omicia raises $6.8M for service that lets doctors analyze genomes for free


An Oakland-based startup called Omicia has raised a $6.8 million series A round of venture capital, led by Artis Ventures, for a cloud service that lets doctors analyze whole human genomes in order to identify the presence of diseases. The basic service is free (while more-advanced analyses and capabilities cost $99), and the whole process takes less than 3 hours for a whole genome (or less than 1 hour for an exome). Advances in sequencing, algorithms, data storage and cloud computing have been rapidly driving down the cost of genomic analysis over the past few years, leading to an uptick of of startup activity in the space.


Mark Reid

Really its good achievement in high technology, in now days we are taking help with very latest and ultra modern devices for be up to date regarding all diseases.

Michael Sinsheimer

Wonder what value there is here for the physicians and also what medmal exposure they have in rendering their expertise/opinion.

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