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With a 13-inch screen, Toshiba’s Chromebook could hit the sweet spot

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Toshiba is the latest company to bring a Chromebook(s goog) to market and it might be just right. The $279 Chromebook was announced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and is expected to launch in mid-February. While other Chrome OS devices have settled on 11.6- and 14-inch sizes, Toshiba opted for a 13-inch panel.

toshiba chromebook front

I think that’s a smart move because the smaller Chromebooks can be a bit cramped for some users. Likewise, a 14-inch laptop seems like too much of a step up. The display uses the typical 1366 x 768 resolution found on most other Chromebooks at this time. Inside is standard fare also: a fourth-generation Intel(s intc) Celeron chip, 2 GB of memory, 16 GB of local storage, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, HDMI jack and memory card reader.

With the new Haswell-based processor inside, Toshiba says the new Chromebook should run for around 9 hours on a single charge. There’s no mobile broadband option, just Wi-Fi, so you’ll either need to be near a hotspot or create your own from a phone or a tablet. Aside from the screen size, there’s little to differentiate the device from other Chromebooks, but that might be just enough to make Toshiba’s effort worthwhile.

11 Responses to “With a 13-inch screen, Toshiba’s Chromebook could hit the sweet spot”

  1. This Toshiba still resembles “cheap” hardware. Give me a maximized keyboard and screen for the form factor, 13″ is good, get rid of the enormous bezels.

    My hp 11 is super duper slow on gigaom and some others. HD yt videos require buffering. Despite this it’s the only cbook that doesn’t reflect a parts bin mentality, meaning it’s just more pleasurable to use than the other low end offerings.

  2. John Proffitt

    Every single Chromebook has a deficiency of some kind. Even the Pixel has one — price. All the other either skimp on RAM, keyboard quality, screen quality, screen size, processor power, battery, or overall quality of case. No one has yet built a good mid-range Chromebook. This is all easily figured out with a basic spreadsheet — why can’t the manufacturers figure this out?

  3. Shawn Joseph

    For the love of all that is holy, would it kill one of these manufacturers to set a new standard for 4GB of RAM? I’ve looked everywhere for a $249 Acer C720 with 4GB of RAM and can’t find it anywhere. I’ve read a lot of reviews of the Acer C720 with 2GB of RAM and the HP Chromebook 14 (wifi only) with only 2GB of RAM and everyone seems to be pretty happy with the performance. I’ve been using a Samsung ARM chromebook with 2GB of RAM and the performance is horrible. I’m really beginning to wonder though if it’s not the Exynos processor that is creating the performance bottlenecks. I know you’ve at least tried out nearly every Chromebook ever released. Do you think 2GB of RAM is sufficient for these devices with the Haswell processors? I usually only open about 6 or 7 tabs at a time as I start to loose track of what I have open after that :).

    I like where ILUVFREEWIFI is going with this. Perhaps this will have the ability to upgrade the RAM like the Acer C710 used to.

    Was the screen glossy or matte?

    • makapav

      2 GB is not enough. The Exynos processor is your bottleneck. I have the Acer C720P @ 4GB and I returned my ChromeBook 11 because of how slow it was with the low RAM.

      GigaOM: Grow up and enable Google+ SSO.

      • Shawn Joseph

        Where did you find the C720P with 4GB? I can’t find it anywhere. I don’t really want a touchscreen, I just want more RAM. Overall, are you pretty happy with that device? I’ve only ever used the CR-48 and now this Samsung with the Exynos processor. Both have been dogs performance wise, but I like ChromeOS itself.

        I believe the ChromeBook 11 uses the same processor in it as this Samsung device. Do you think it was the processor and/or processor and RAM that made it perform so poorly?

        • if you’re still interested in the 4gb C720, I just snagged a second one from Amazon. It just popped up that they had one in stock, and even though I already had one, I bought another because it’s so rare now.

          I’d consider selling it if you’d want to discuss.

          if you’re interested, just email me at box33 @


    • I think the Celeron processor will significantly give you faster speeds over the Exynos processor. I think that’s why they stopped selling the 4GB C720. Because 2GB was good enough, and 4GB did’t make a huge difference.


    Hope you get a review unit. I saw one photo of the bottom of this Chromebook. Looks like there’s a small, square shaped door. Maybe for RAM chips?