Sunday Sampler: Ideas that shaped management in 2013, Charlene Li on 2014, Dana Theus on Why Employees Want To Leave

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In 2014, I am adding a new feature: the Sunday Sampler. During the week I will collect pieces that are relevant to my interests around the future of work, but are not right for a full-blown post, and I will drop that here on Sunday.

A great effort by Katherine Bell to identify The Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013 as published in the Harvard Business Review. I read a number of these over the course of the year. In particular, Steve Blank’s Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything, Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? and Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, and Chris Yeh’s Tours of Duty: The New Employer-Employee Compact stood out for me.

Charlene Li published a summary of information from Altimeter group from 2014 in Infographic: State of Social Business 2013 and Outlook for 2014, and offered this on 2014:

My outook for 2014 is that many more organizations will overcome the stigma of “social” and seek ways to articulate connections with customers and employees into their business. In just the last half of the year, we’ve worked with several organizations that are doing the hard work of connecting their social efforts to business value — it sounds easy to connect the dots but actually building the organization, governance, and process to do this will be most of the focus in 2014.

It isn’t glamorous. It doesn’t have the appeal of new consumer bright shiny objects or excite of a tech IPO. But this is where the real value will be created, real benefits will be built. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, a bit of gut-wrenching leaps of faith as employees and customers are empowered, but hopefully in a year we’ll have seen key numbers like the percent of companies associating social with business value increase from today.

Shawn Murphy summarized a series by Dana Theus called Why Employees Want To Leave Your Company, and instead of summarizing, I will just repull three pull quotes:

Unwillingness to update how we ask employees to compartmentalize their personal from their professional lives is antiquated and ridiculous.

Employees are exhausted by the cut-throat, grab what you can, self-centered leadership.

Leaders must own their response to the abysmal work environment that is suffocating our workplaces.

I was off for a few days this week, and now am suffering from a massive headcold, but expect a longer list starting next Sunday.