Netflix adds director’s commentary to House of Cards


Netflix just added director’s commentary to the fist season on House of Cards, giving its subscribers the option to re-watch the political drama with audio commentary from all six season one directors, including most notably David Fincher. It’s a smart move that adds a new twist to the show in time to get people excited for season two, which is coming to the service in February. It also goes to show that original content comes with added benefits for Netflix, including the ability to add new features like this extra audio track, or the 4K resolution that Netflix will offer for season two.


Ashley James

I love house of cards, its my favorite show, Kevin Spacey is amazing, Netflix is doing a great job, that’s the reason its stock price increased 300% in 2013 and the new year seems to have much better things in stored

Liliana Gonzalez

I hate that i can’t wait no.more of my favorite shows like Icarli and Jersey Shore i just dont see a point of paying every month anymore

Nikohl Vandel

lol, not sure what a “fist season” is … here in Palm Springs it has a meaning all its own! but thanks 4 the internal reminder of what i got on the computer to do in the first place. lol =)

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