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Football playoffs, Super Bowl XLVIII to be streamed online for (mostly) free

Good news, sports fans: Variety reports that NBC, CBS and FOX will be offering online live streams of the NFL postseason and Super Bowl XLVIII, with most content freely available. NBC’s wildcard games, as well as coverage of the Pro Bowl later this month, will be streamed live for free. Similarly, CBS’s coverage of all AFC playoff games will be free to watch online via for the first time ever. As for FOX, Variety says that NFC games will be free behind a “TV Everywhere” paywall (Fox didn’t confirm), but will offer the big game, including the halftime show with Bruno Mars, online and via mobile at no cost.

9 Responses to “Football playoffs, Super Bowl XLVIII to be streamed online for (mostly) free”

  1. mginwyo

    many other people live where they do not get OTA TV. I can’t receive anything with antenna and the cable bill is too high for the little bit I do watch.

    Fox is using thier own program tyring to make a buck using co-op where you cannot get the game unless you enter your TV provider info. That is useless when you don’t have Cable.

  2. Josh Tenzer

    I dont get it, Who cares about streaming these games, they are all available on FREE over the air TV, in better quality than over the internet. I cant think of many cases where s football fan would need to stream the playoffs. None are on at the same time, and are available in all markets on local television. Save for those out of the country (although i dont know if this content is region locked), its hard to find a usage case where one cant already find a television to watch them for free.

    • Many people have decided to cut the cord to their cable or satellite subscriptions and only stream content through their internet connection and a Roku or AppleTV. This works fine for many except for live events.

      Also, some may be away from home when the games are being played.