CES Preview: Technogym’s Google Glass controlled treadmill

I had already planned to bring my running shoes to next week’s Consumer Electronics Show; now that I’ve seen this preview video of a Google Glass controlled treadmill, I might have to bring my wearable display too. Technogym pre-announced its newest fitness device on Friday, which has a Android 4.0(s goog) tablet of sorts integrated into a treadmill.

The inclusion of a tablet in a treadmill actually isn’t new. I train on a two-year old ‘mill that has one. The tablet acts as the screen for exercise data and works with Google Maps to simulate my outdoor routes, complete with automatic treadmill inclines and declines based on actual terrain.

Technogym is taking this much further however. The tablet uses what the company calls the Unity console, a method to connect various devices together for quantified self metric and personalized training routines.

technogym glass view

Unity is an open platform and Technogym has married it with Google Glass to provide handsfree treadmill controls. As a runner who slogs miles and miles on a treadmill this time of year, I can tell you: Hands-free control is indoor running nirvana.

The Unity console already works with third-party software apps such as Withings, RunKeeper and and MapMyFitness, which is promising. But more exciting to me is using Glass as a running interface and seeing real-time fitness data in the blink of an eye; provided Glass stays on my head during the run, that is.