Moto X drops to $399 without contract to start the new year


In a move that should spur sales, Motorola started 2014 by dropping the cost of its Moto X handset to $399 without a contract. The deal was announced on Wednesday morning and applies to all carriers as well as Moto Maker custom phones. While some thought the Android(s goog) phone was overpriced at launch for the hardware that it offered, I think the experience and features make up for any lacking components. Regardless, the issue of cost is less of one now that the new year has started with a price reduction for the Moto X.


Felix Chuang

While this is sold without a contract, is the phone still carrier locked?


does the G5 come with a sim card? If not that is basically 10 bucks tacked on the g5.


I am returning my Nexus 5 gift and sticking with my Nexus 4 a bit longer, but this price reduction makes it tempting to get the X. In your opinion is the user experience really that much better on the X over the Nexus?

Kevin C. Tofel

It is to me. The combination of “big” screen in a small package, long battery life, relatively pure Android experience and special features – active display and touchless control – are the reason the X is my only Android phone at the moment.

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