The giving continues with Apple’s free 12 Days of Gifts app, now on day two


This marks the first year that Apple’s(s aapl) 12 Days of Gift app is available to users in the U.S. I downloaded the app after first learning about it earlier this month, then quickly forgot about it. So just when I thought all of my presents were unwrapped, imagine my surprise when I received a push notification on Thursday that my first gift was available to download.

The gifting kicked off on December 26 with a Justin Timberlake EP, featuring two songs and two videos from his performance at the iTunes Festival in London earlier this year. It’s too late to catch that one if you haven’t already, but today’s free download is the pilot episode of the television show Once Upon a Time.

I’m still hoping to see a download in the form of Infinity Blade III, but hey, a gift’s a gift. The app is free to download for iOS devices from the Apple App Store. You only get until midnight to download each gift, so the sooner you download it, the more gifts you’ll get.



Problem I had was Once upon a time was 24.95 for the series and no option to download pilot show. :-(


This morning I looked and it was Once Upon A Time. I wanted to wait till I got to wifi to download it, but I went back and now all I see is tiny thief. What happened?!?


It sucks that the app is iOS7 only and one requires to use the 12 Days of Gift app to download the free item.

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