Target confirms PIN data was stolen in mega-breach


The massive Black Friday data breach that caused Target(s tgt) to keep call centers open on Christmas to support the 40 million customers affected might not be over just yet. CNNMoney has announced via Twitter that debit card PIN data was also stolen in the attack. This means that customers who purchased items in Target stores between November 27 and December 15 could have their entire bank accounts compromised, not just debit/credit transactions. It’s not the news Target customers want to hear, but it does show how deep this breach really goes.



Expect the original software not to store any PIN data, but if it is hacked, you can store anything, of course.


Why do they store PIN numbers??!! (encrypted or not?!). And for that matter, why do they store CC numbers? They can token-ize the data, and still track my toilet paper purchases…

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