Still hanging on to that BlackBerry? You’re actually not alone.


BlackBerry’s(s bbry) troubles are generally well-known by now, yet that doesn’t stop some for clinging on to their precious ‘Berry. You can literally see that on a CrackBerry forum where people post sightings of people — typically, famous but not always — with their beloved BlackBerry handset. The New York Times notes that these folks are a “dying, but not dead, breed” of smartphone user and suggests that for some, BlackBerry still retains some status as used by those who favor work as compared to users of iPhones(s aapl) and Android(s goog) devices.


Chris Saunders

The Q3 earnings call was an eye opener to be sure. The new CEO is not afraid to call out where they have made mistakes in the past but also credit the previous leadership team on their progress. He’s got a very aggressive schedule for getting back to positive cash flow, I’m really interested in seeing what comes out of Waterloo over the next year!


BlackBerry continues to be a victim of US tech media. Unfair. especially since the Z30, Q10 and the Z10 are good phones and the apps situation is far ahead of what is again being portrayed by the media.

Yes, they were late to the party. But thy truly innovated.

Frank A NYC

Crackberry forum folks are an odd breed. That said I am currently using a Z10. BB ran a $199 unlocked phone special (with free shipping) during black Friday. I couldn’t resist and bought a white 16gb unit. I like the OS, and it seems to me gestures are the way forward with the modern smart phone. They are after all just black slabs of glass, so why have buttons? The phone has worked great for the last 3 weeks, however I have my doubts about BB long term.
The issue is apps. I am far from an app hoarder but the only app I use regularly that is available is evernote. No amazon app, no audible app and rather poor map and weather apps. I’m not on facebook or twitter so I can’t comment on those apps, but unless BB can convince developers to get on board they are dead. It’s a shame as the hardware is rather nice and the OS works very well. I care about the user experience not specs, and here the Z10 works very well. That’s my 2 cents.

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