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After charging woes, HP Chromebook 11 available again from Amazon

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Pining for a new HP(s hpq) Chromebook 11? The Chromebook is now available and showing as “in stock” from Amazon in the U.S. Currently, the $279 laptop is only available in one color: White with blue highlights. The device is not yet appearing in the Google(s goog) Play Store at time of this writing.

The OMG Chrome enthusiast site noticed the return of the Chromebook, which was removed from retail inventory in early November by Google and HP. The charging unit initially provided with the HP Chromebook 11 was reportedly overheating in a few cases. As a result, the power unit has been officially recalled and affected consumers are getting a free replacement charger. Now that the charging issue appears resolved, it looks like the little laptop will slowly find its way back to retail and online store shelves.

When I reviewed the HP Chromebook 11 in October, I liked the higher-quality IPS display panel as compared to similarly priced products which use a traditional LCD screen. The device uses an ARM(s armh) chip, however, so it doesn’t perform as well as the $249 Acer C720 Chromebook, which many seem to prefer. Acer’s line of Chromebooks are readily available as well, so a White and Blue Chromebook 11 isn’t your style, the Acer is worth the look.