China Unicom launches a cloud of its own


Watch out Amazon: China Unicom just launched what Web Hot Review is calling a “full-service”  OpenStack-based  cloud under the Wo-Cloud brand.

The company will focus on “IaaS- and PaaS-level products for 3G, broadband, and public customers” with this public service cloud, China Unicom president Lu Yimin said in a statement, adding that “China Unicom will focus on IaaS- and PaaS-level products for 3G, broadband, and public customers by creating a public service cloud.”

On December 18, public cloud leader Amazon(s amzn) Web Services announced plans for a China service  operating out of a Beijing data center. IBM(s ibm) followed within hours with news that it was bringing SmartCloud Enterprise + to China as well in partnership with 21Vianet, a big carrier-neutral internet provider in China. Microsoft(s msft) last year announced its own 21Vianet partnership to bring Windows Azure and Office 365 to China.

Wo-Cloud will face other formidable domestic competitors as well. Alibaba, the giant Chinese commerce provider’s Aliyun cloud division is expanding its services inside China as well as building a presence outside the country.



China now doing some hot stuff now a days for their people, last week they launch China iPhone and now this… WHAT do you think will china be the next super power in tech world?

Nikohl Vandel

Uhm, does it matter what I think? But combined with their lunar landing, expansion of their secured space, their lifting of the 1 baby rule, their infrastructure ready new metros, the latest numbers circulating on their reported education levels, the general phase they are in in the nation’s 1000 year plan, I’d say, yep, at least they think so. But, then they’ve got the same problems most nation states have to becoming a leader, a real leader, serious human rights and environmental issues. So, not until they get that part of their shit together would I call them a leader.

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