Running Zork in DOS on Chrome while offline? Yup, you can do that


Each week we recommend either a Chrome(s goog) app or extension on our Chrome Show podcast and this week harkens back to well before Chrome. And long before Google for that matter. DOSBox is an emulator for DOS that hit the scene back in 2002 and it’s available for Chrome in the form of an offline Chrome app. With some tweaking and research, I’ve actually got DOSBox running Zork, a text-based adventure game from 1977.

zork chrome offline dosbox

We briefly discuss DOSBox for Chrome as well as plenty of other Chrome news from the past week including Dell’s(s dell) entry into the Chromebook market, the newest Google Sheets — which also runs offline — and Google’s Dart, a potential replacement for JavaScript. Tune in below or download the podcast right here to catch all the commentary.


Robert L Gilbert III

To me, this was the main thing missing from the Chromebook, everything else is pretty much “right there”. Now, with a bit of “tweaking”, I to can get some DOS stuff running tha tI make use of quite often. Thank you !


Quick query

On a Chromebook (Pixel), c: is empty. How do you mount a folder from Downloads? Or otherwise point run an exe file from DOSbox on Chrome.

Kevin C. Tofel

There’s an option to Import a directory into C: I created a folder on my Pixel to house the Zork files (as seen in the pic) and then imported that directory using the option. Hope that helps!


Congratulations… you have unlocked the technology level reached in 1994 by running DOS in a non-Internet connected computer. What a joke…

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