ICYMI: Salesforce.com, PayPal and the Jekyll-and-Hyde nature of OpenStack


Depending on when you see it or who you ask, OpenStack is either a shining beacon of opportunity and innovation or a hot mess of business and technological problems. Take, for example PayPal, which is embracing OpenStack and the community and working on some really interesting improvements to the platform. On the other hand, there’s Salesforce.com, which might or might not be using OpenStack, but nobody will say for sure.

This is just one of several cloud computing topics Barb Darrow and I discuss on this week’s Structure Show podcast. Among the others: Amazon’s Kinesis stream-processing service, IBM questionable predictions on the next five years in tech and society, consolidation in mobile-backend service, and our forthcoming Structure Data conference.

No guest this week, just two people ranting about (er, discussing) the week in cloud and enterprise IT news.

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