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In honor of Winamp, Spotify releases Spotiamp

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After Friday, longstanding music player Winamp will fade from existence, as AOL discontinues support, shuts down the website and erases any possibility of downloading the software. In honor of Winamp’s departure, Spotify has released Spotiamp, a lightweight music player with a strong resemblance to its forbear. Users must subscribe to Spotify Premium to use Spotiamp, but the program will play all playlists, search for music in the classic Winamp style, and play on speakers through Shoutcast. It’s no Winamp, but it might ease the sting for those who will lose support for their favorite music player.

8 Responses to “In honor of Winamp, Spotify releases Spotiamp”

  1. I just love that Winamp was sold to AOL for $80 million, back in the day, during the first .com bubble. Thank goodness for clever people who turned small pieces of software into fortunes. Does anyone remember that AOL paid 4 billion for Netscape? Someone needs to make a movie about all this dealmaking!

  2. Aha I’m using it still. For years. Actually currently listening to music on Winamp Lite. Do you aware of the footprint of the Winamp Lite? Compared to other monster players? If you’re listening offline music, what is the marginal difference which can convince me to use a software which is 100x times heavier than Winamp Lite?
    Now that’s my response to your another question…

  3. This is terrible reporting. 1) Spotiamp was not created by Spotify. 2) “…erases any possibility of downloading [Winamp]”? What planet do you live on? There are thousands of mirrors for software. They couldn’t erase Winamp from existence if they tried. Why anyone is using it anymore, now that’s another question.