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Games for the weekend: Tiny Thief

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Games for the Weekend is a weekly feature aimed at helping you avoid doing something constructive with your downtime. Each Friday we’ll be recommending a game for Mac, iPhone or iPad that we think is awesome. Here is one cool enough to keep you busy during this weekend.

Tiny ThiefTiny Thief ($2.99 Universal) is an alluring puzzle based platform game where you play the role of a tiny little thief. Set in medieval times, one can only hope that this tiny thief’s motivations are as noble as those of the more familiar Robin Hood.

The different puzzles in the game unfold with various tap enabled elements on the screen. You do not know that you can interact with each element until you get close to it. When you do, the item pops a little hint indicating how you can interact with it. Tapping on the screen will determine where you go. You can climb ladders, use ropes to swing from platform to platform and even hide in barrels. The goal of course is to avoid being detected. Characters in the game are always on the lookout for the tiny thief. Planning out your moves ahead of time can help, but you will need to execute your commands as you get closer to each interactive item.

Tiny Thief

With each level there is an item that you need to acquire. These items typically match the surroundings and theme of the level. For example, you’ll take food from the garden, pull down posters in the town square, and pick up some cakes at the bakery. Figuring out how to get from where you are at in the beginning at the level to where the item is located without being detected is only half of the puzzle. The second half of the puzzle is getting away with it. Sometimes you can make your way to the item you most desire, only to get caught as soon as you have it. There are times when a guard will appear just as you approach each item, thus requiring you to change your tactics the next time you play.

Tiny Thief

There are six different themed adventures with cleaver titles to match. There is Rattling Bones, A Royal Rescue, The Cursed Treasure, A Corrupt Sheriff, A Rumbling Stomach, and First Lessons that serves as a sort of tutorial. Each of these six themes have five levels each making for a total of thirty different puzzles to complete.

Tiny Thief

Each level has two additional challenges that will earn you bonus stars and add treasure to your treasure chest. The first such challenge has the tiny thief searching for an accomplice of sorts, a tiny little ferret. This ferret will be hidden on each level and will only make itself seen at various time intervals. Find and tap on the ferret as you are making your way through the level can have its effect on the levels surroundings as well. That little ferret can cause quite a commotion at times. It may just be that the ferret’s mischievous nature is akin to the same powers that motivate the tiny thief as well.

Tiny Thief

The second challenge is where the game takes on a degree of added complexity. Finding additional hidden treasure on each level makes for a greedy thief. And greed has a tendency to get the tiny thief caught. Since you don’t know where the hidden treasure is located until you walk near it, you find yourself exploring in areas that other characters are guarding closely.

It is this second dimension to the game, the search and find dimension, that really adds replay value to each level.  Even thought this is the season of giving, this weekend you can escape for a little while and explore what the world is like when a little mischievous taking is the spirit of the day.