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Apple’s new Mac Pro ships by February 2014, costs as much as $9,599 (updated)

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Apple’s(s aapl) new Mac Pro is now available to order, but it doesn’t look like it’ll reach your doorstep by Christmas morning. As of Thursday afternoon, shipping dates for models of the beautiful new machine – which start at $2,999 for a quad-core model and $3,999 for a 6-core option – have slipped to February 2014, a pretty far cry from the Dec. 30 estimate when the Pros first went on sale Thursday morning. It ships to stores as well, so it looks like February is the earliest you can hope to get one.

Out of curiosity, I selected the 6-core model and fully tricked it out with all of the highest-end options available. And if you want an ultra-high-end super-computer, it’s going to cost you. A fully loaded Mac Pro costs a staggering $9,599 – and that’s without a monitor, mouse or keyboard. Throw in a 32” Sharp 4K display (because why not?), along with a wireless mouse and keyboard, and the total climbs to $13,332. And you might want to think about throwing in some AppleCare to protect that investment.

Mac Pro configuration

That’s no small price to pay, but hey, at least you’ll know you’ve got the most powerful configuration available – until next year.

This post was updated at 12:20pm to show that shipping dates have been pushed to February 2014.

4 Responses to “Apple’s new Mac Pro ships by February 2014, costs as much as $9,599 (updated)”

  1. Freedy Kruger

    I cant see anybody buying this or actually needing this at first. The mac’s flaw was always lack in programs. Windows has allot of programs and games. The gamers will always buy a alien-ware computer or a windows computer. Microsoft always wins over Apple in computers. Whenever you see a computer you mostly see windows.Microsoft makes so much more sales in computer than Apple. Microsoft also has 90% of market-share for programs.

  2. Nicholas Paredes

    All five prototypes will ship by the 30th, the remainder are in February. What’s two more months? Might as well wait for the next processor updates during the summer…

  3. Vicky Spratt

    This is not just a top machine, it’s the #1 but sure, it doesn’t come cheap at all. I’d love to get one but I guess it won’t happen in the near future, in the meantime I’ll be happy to add it on my wish list on unioncy,, where I’m currently adding my gadgets and appliances to keep their documentation, receipts and warranties stored in one place in the cloud.